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What comes to your mind when you think of Austria? The mountains where you can have a wonderful ski trip? “The Sound of Music” or rather Mozart? Culinary delights such as boiled fillet or the famous Vienna schnitzel? The Empress Elisabeth who is best known from the kitschy movie “Sissi”? Whatever you decide on, Austria has a lot to offer. Add the category “events” and plan your individual celebrations for private or business occasions with fiylo®. Maybe next time they are also on the list!

For almost ten years fiylo® has been a competent, reliable and free of charge online portal and venue recommendation service that helps you find the best venues for your events. It does not matter if you plan a big party, if you want to celebrate your birthday or if you need inspiring conference rooms and hotels for your business events. With detailed descriptions and high-quality photos and videos, we offer you all relevant facts. Transparency is our first priority as we do not want you to have any unpleasant surprises at your chosen venue. Due to our brand-new search widget it is easy for you to find the perfect event location for you. Of course the right framework is important to the success of your celebration. That is why we show you not only buildings from outside but also the interiors of venues with all their conditions. You will know beforehand which equipment is provided, how the premises are built up and what this means for your guest list. What is the state of the technology? Are there enough parking spaces? How flexible is the catering and will the decoration be arranged according to my wishes? fiylo® even answers your questions before you can ask them!

Our know-how is based on experience and continuous development. We consider our knowledge pool as a steadily growing source of inspiration from which you can profit. fiylo®´s staff members have an enormous expertise in the fields of marketing, sales as well as in the event industry and they will give their best for you!

Venues for your Business Events in Austria

In the first three decades of the 20th century Austria generated many scientists, researchers and great thinkers that are still of international importance. No wonder then that 21 of all Nobel Prize winners stem from this small country or were at least official Austrian citizens. Maybe you do not want to compete with that kind of success but you should not be too modest when it comes to demanding the best performance from your staff. Just take care of your team and leave the finding of a suitable location to fiylo®.

The successful implementation of your business event is depending on several factors. You need a venue that meets your requirements and expectations. It is important that your employees feel comfortable and can concentrate on their work so that your project will be a triumph in the end. fiylo® makes sure that only top class conference rooms, convention centers and congress hotels are presented to you. By this you will always make a good choice. Numerous partnerships ensure that we have a large collection of differing premises for every possible occasion. Be it a conference, meeting, workshop or congress – you can rely on our longstanding experience and the individual information on our portal. We pave the way for your fruitful business event. From the planning of an incentive to a Christmas party, with our help you will find answers to all your questions around your event.

Of course we inform you beforehand about all relevant factors such as capacity or parking facilities. You can make a detailed plan for your event since you know exactly about the seating options and the presentation techniques or when to expect the catering and if there will be a supporting program in the evening. With us you are not only saving money but a lot of time and energy! It is therefore a great deal – from the first search to the actual implementation of your event!

Popular Venues for private events in Austria

Austria is known as a country with a strong musical, artistic and cultural landscape. Not only Vienna plays an important role with its numerous theaters, operas and museums. In 2003 and 2009 Graz and Linz were entitled as European Capitol of Culture. Enjoy the prosperous creative life in Austria and participate by staging your own event. fiylo® lays the foundation for you.

The implementation of an event in a private atmosphere seems like a desirable but somehow surreal dream. Having a party on which your favorite music is played and only nice people have access to it. A celebration that ends when you want it to. The birthday of a beloved family member that you celebrate according to his likes and wishes. A jubilee with family and friends or making your dream wedding come true. To realize the long-desired exhibition, have a BBQ with friends, graduation parties, baptisms, photo shootings – the list is almost endless.

On our portal you find a way to avoid lengthy searches and immediately find suitable locations with the help of our clever search widget. You know what you want and we offer it! We present unique venues for every budget and any amount of people. fiylo® gives you all the relevant information you need to decide on a venue for your event. Rely on our free of charge recommendation service and get to know your chosen venue even before you first put your foot in it. You and your guests can expect a special event that will be remembered for a long time. We are looking forward to it. Are you too?